Saturday, 8 June 2013

Lupus & My Skin

The complexion of the skin on my face has been slowly changing all through this winter.  Although I have been wearing factor 50 sunscreen now the sun is shining my complexion as dramatically changed.  I now have noticeable patches of Hyperpigmentation (where the skin is becoming darker) and Hypopigmentation (where the skin is becoming lighter).  I am starting to feel really self-conscious about it.

I decided today to see if I could get some makeup to cover it up and smooth out my complexion.  I went to Boots Chemist and saw one of the Beauticians who said that all No. 7 products are Lanolin free and Hypo-allergenic.  I had a colour match and two colours came up as possibles.  She did my face one side with one colour and the other side with the other colour so we could see which looked the most natural.  We both agreed that the Calico Stay Perfect™ Foundation was the most natural match.

I was totally elated, so much so I nearly cried, I couldn't believe how even my complexion looked.  She took the foundations off for me so I didn't have to go around having 2 different shades on myself.  I couldn't believe how noticeable the uneveness looked without the makeup.  Even hubby agreed it was noticeable after it was removed.

I ended up also buying a brush to apply the foundation and a No. 7 Gentle Cleanser.  I now can't wait to be able to go out and not feel self conscious.

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Tendonitis & Tenosynovitis

I have had this lump on the back of my hand for about 14 weeks or so now and today I went for an ultrasound today to find out what exactly it is.

It turns out that I have Tendonitis, Tenosynovitis and Bursitis on the back of my hand around the second finger knuckle.

I already have Tendonitis and Tenosynovitis in both wrists but, I was really surprised to learn it's in the back of my hand!!  It appears to be Lupus related like my wrists.

I have to wait another 8-12 weeks to see if it goes down by itself otherwise, they will look into what if anything can be done, the main problems are that I have Lupus and that I am already on steroids and it's steroids they'll need to inject.  The problem is not to upset my entire body just so they can sort out my hand.

Monday, 21 January 2013

A is for Anaemia

I have been suffering with Anaemia for a couple of months and today I found out which one I have, it's Chronic Normocytic Anaemia.  I've never heard of it so I looked it up on Google, to my surprise it's fairly common in the elderly or woman that are pregnant.  I'm definitely not pregnant, I'm not elderly....although does my body count as that??

I've been advised to keep taking the iron tablets and if it doesn't settle down on its own then it will mean further investigations.

Sunday, 14 October 2012

SAD Lamp Update

Well it has been 8 days since I started using my SAD lamp.  I am really pleased to announce that it has made a big improvement with the SAD.  I am definitely sleeping better too which, can only be a bonus!

Don't get me wrong, on the days when it has been overcast this week, I have still felt the effect on my mood but, I am hopeful that if I continue with my daily regime that this too will not be as noticeable.  Hopefully, this will get me through the coming dark winter days, that I am absolutely dreading!!

Saturday, 6 October 2012

SAD Lamp

My SAD has started early this year, so decided it was time to invest in a SAD lamp.  It arrived yesterday and was a lot bigger than I expected.

The instruction manual suggests using for 2 hours a day, for 7 days at least.  I used it for 1.5 hours this morning, and already I have noticed a difference in my mood today!

I will let you know how I am feeling after the full 7 days.